Reached - Ally Condie

     This was a fascinating series in a great many ways. Yes Matched stole from the Giver, yes Matched was "eh" at best, but the final two books of this series greatly made up for the poor start.
     I'm glad that this didn't suffer from any real happy ending sop. It's still a miserable condition they were left in and so that is how it ended. Yes everyone is in love and together, but by the end you have a stark reality of what it cost, and how they've grown.
Cassia was funnily almost a non-entity (that's harsh I'll say not as important as the rest) until she led to the discovery of what was needed for the cure. By the way, the cure; I don't think scientists today really go crush herbs and inject them hoping to cure Hepatitis or any of the like...it had to be said.

    Xander was by far the best perspective in this book. The intense drama that unfolded before his eyes was shocking and moving. He remained stoic and performed his duties immaculately. I was definitely sad to see Indie go, the introduction of Laney was rough and clunky. I felt her character was betrayed, slightly, because it was just a one-off i.e. Oh Indie died, sad face, Let's get the cure. The same was true of Cassia's father.
     I was very impressed in the Act II and Act III of this series, and I definitely recommend it, even to non-YA fans. It's incredibly eloquent and isn't sloppy like so many others.